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Pack Your Supplements This Summer!

Summer vacation: a chance to relax, unwind, go “off the grid” and clock in some serious “R&R.”

You’ve likely been planning your vacation for months, possibly years, in advance, and you do not want anyone or anything to derail your plans. We get it. No matter where your travels take you, remember, germs and bacteria do not care if you are going on vacation, and the reality is that sickness can strike at any time! So it is best to be prepared.

Can one week of vacation be enough to throw us completely off balance and send us back to square one, health-wise? Even after we’ve been eating healthy and exercising leading up to this vacation? Well, yes it can, if we aren’t careful. Jet lag, early mornings, late nights, fatty foods and sugary drinks are most often expected parts of travel. While we are away from our homes and our routines, gone are the nights of clocking in a full 8 hours of sleep, the days of dutifully eating salads, fruits and vegetables, and our daily hour of exercise. Our routines get disrupted, our body experiences a “new norm,” leaving it more susceptible to sickness. What’s more, even after we return from vacation, it often takes us a while to get back into the swing of things…what was a week of poor decision making turns into a month, and so on.

Health Benefits of Vacation

There are also many wonderful health benefits from going on vacation. Oftentimes, we go on tours in our new destination, leading us to clock in an impressive amount of steps daily, and we’re talking big numbers here! An average “mile per day” for tourists is anywhere from 6-10 miles walked1 (Steves, 2016). That is a lot of exercise, and most likely more steps than would be clocked in at home. Also, vacations give us a chance to relax, unwind and forget about work for a while, which is great for our mental and physical health. We get to focus on what is really important, fun times with friends and family in a new and exciting place. Many studies have also highlighted the cardiovascular health benefits of going on vacation. In one particular study, men at risk for heart disease who skipped vacations for five consecutive years were 30 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who took at least a week off each year2 (Paskal, 2016).

One thing you can do on vacation to help keep your health in check is to pack a probiotic. Ideally, you should be taking your probiotic every day before your vacation, and just continue it through your trip and beyond. You never know what bacteria you will be exposed to while traveling, and what you will be eating/drinking, so having a probiotic in your system can help improve your digestion and keep your immune system strong.

It is also important to choose a probiotic that does not require refrigeration, since you may not have access to a fridge. Kyo-Dophilus Daily Probiotic is shelf-stable, which means that is requires no refrigeration, you can simply throw it in your bag and take off! This probiotic boosts immune health, supports healthy digestion*, and contains three biocompatible human strains of bacteria, known as The Friendly Trio®, which have been the subject of clinical studies that have documented the efficacy of these strains to support a healthy gut microbiome and even reduce seasonal discomforts.* 3

Another supplement that may be worth adding to your bag is Kyolic Formula 103 Immune. This formula contains Aged Garlic Extract, Vitamin C, Premium Mushroom Complex, Astragalus Extract, Oregano Extract and Olive Leaf Extract, and is designed to support immune health.* Take it before your holiday gets ruined.

Before you leave for the airport or start that road trip, remember to pack your supplements and probiotics and keep your health on track while on vacation. Happy travels!



This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.