12 CHOLESTEROL A C T I O N P L A N SUPPLEMENTS ❏ Promote healthy cholesterol levels and discourage the formation of calcium deposits in arteries with AGE and CoQ10. Kyolic Formula 110 combines both of these heart-healthy nutrients in one clinically proven supplement for a convenient way to protect arteries. ❏ Keep cholesterol levels within a healthy range with plant sterol esters like those found in ModuChol. Just be sure to take with your two largest meals of the day for a total intake of 1.3g. ❏ Red yeast rice has a clinically-proven track record when it comes to lowering LDL levels. Kyolic Red Yeast Rice combines this unique cholesterol-lowering compound with AGE and CoQ10 for even better results. ❏ Studies suggest that taking red yeast rice with fish oil may be just as effective as a statin drug for lowering LDL levels. A molecularly- distilled fish oil supplement providing a heart-healthy dose of DHA and EPA, like that found in Kyolic Omega-3, also helps tame inflammation that can contribute to atherosclerosis. Heart disease remains the No. 1 disease killer among North Americans. As a cardiovascular researcher, I am troubled to know that nearly 50 percent of the time, a deadly heart attack occurs before emergency services or transport to a hospital can even take place. If we are to reduce the number of deaths due to heart disease, we must first address reducing individual risk factors. In large part, heart disease is preventable, and existing heart problems, including high cholesterol, can be reversed. Here are some simple ideas to start lowering your risk factors: LIFESTYLE ❏ Add 30-60 minutes of cardio each day. Try jogging, biking, step aerobics, or a Zumba class for variety and fun. ❏ Put a cap on stress with deep breathing. Taking a few minutes to focus only on your breathing can help bring calm to a hectic day. ❏ If you smoke, look for ways to quit. If you don’t, take steps to avoid second-hand smoke. DIET ❏ Swap out chemically-laden margarine for a shmear of avocado on your morning toast for a dose of healthy monounsaturated fats. ❏ Check labels for the sugar content in your favorite breakfast cereals. Opt for those boasting 3g or less. ❏ Trade in your lunchtime sandwich for a salad featuring as many fruits and veggies as possible.