12 MEN’S HEALTH A C T I O N P L A N The Healthy Guy’s Action Plan DIET ❏ Add some cooked veggies like spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, or peppers to your morning eggs for an antioxidant-rich, high- protein breakfast. ❏  Avoid processed foods high in sugar and carbohydrates—even whole-grain ones. These foods encourage testosterone-lowering weight gain, spike blood sugar levels, and stoke systemic inflammation that can damage arteries. ❏ Try to eat at least one fresh salad each day that includes a variety of leafy greens and raw vegetables to ensure you’re getting enough circulatory-supporting nutrients. SUPPLEMENTS ❏ Enhance your “T” levels naturally with a combination of testosterone-supporting ingredients like those found in Lucky 7. It’s a synergistic blend of clinically studied herbs and nutrients that work with your body to enhance testosterone levels safely and naturally. ❏ Discourage calcium deposits that can impede blood flow throughout the body by pairing Aged Garlic Extract with CoQ10. An effective way to accomplish this is with a proven supplement like Kyolic Formula 110 that combines both of these artery-friendly nutrients in one convenient capsule. ❏ Promote healthy blood pressure levels and a healthy circulatory system with Kyolic Formula 109. This unique blend of Aged Garlic Extract, nattokinase, and L-theanine encourages healthy blood flow while helping to normalize blood pressure. ❏ Avoid blood sugar spikes. Look for a targeted, multi-benefit supplement like Kyolic Blood Sugar Balance with bitter melon, salacia, chromium, and niacin to help maintain balanced blood sugar levels. HEALTHY HABITS ❏  Consider wearing a pedometer or activity tracker to monitor your daily steps. Aim for 10,000 steps each day. But even if your goals are lower to start, just get moving. ❏ If you have a sedentary job, walk around during your breaks as much as possible. ❏ Indulge in a massage. Not only will it help ease stress, it helps move blood through congested areas. ❏  Learn to breathe deeply to reduce stress.