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Aged Garlic Vs. Raw Garlic: Here’s What You Should Know

Think you have garlic all figured out? Did you know this - eating raw garlic for health simply isn’t enough? Studies show that high doses of raw garlic are necessary to feel significant health benefits – between 5-28 cloves per day.

That’s why Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) is so different…and essential for going beyond the benefits that just garlic can offer.

We start with organically grown garlic then apply our proprietary, natural aging process that concentrates the medicinal essence, enhances the nutrient compounds, and removed the odor. The result is a potent extract that is gentle on the stomach so that you can take it every day.

If you would like to learn more about Aged Garlic Extract, check out our Aged Garlic Extract Ultimate Guide and you will have answers to each and every one of those commonly asked questions below.

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