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Clean Green Superfood Nutrition

To fuel your active life

Superfood Greens

Provides a host of nutrients and antioxidants designed to boost energy, support digestion and enhance immune function


Powdered drink mixes for a quick and easy way to add green nutrition to your day

Balanced Nutrition

Simple blends of grasses, sea nutrients, grains, fruits and veggies with no added sugars or flavors

Greens Blend Powdered Drink Mix

Grasses Blend for Natural Energy

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Harvest Blend Powdered Drink Mix

Superfood Blend for Immune Defense

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Sprouts Blend Powdered Drink Mix

Young Sprouts for Healthy Digestion

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Greens Blend Tablets

Easy to Take Convenient Tablets

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Learn More About the Benefits of Kyo-Green

New to Green Drinks? Here’s What You Need to Know

First-timer to the world of green superfood drinks? Fear not, because we are about to walk you through what you need to know about greens, [...]

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Greens to the (Gut) Rescue! How Greens Can Aid in Healthy Digestion

There are many powdered green drinks out on the market right now, some will give you a boost of energy, some will bump up your [...]

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Forget Smoking it. Here are the Grasses You Need to Drink, ASAP

When you hear somebody talking about grass, you’d probably assume they were talking about their lawn, or if it were the 70s, possibly a different [...]

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Top Kyo-Green® FAQs

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Are your Kyo-Green products suitable for vegans?

Yes, all of our Kyo-Green products are suitable for vegans.


Where are your Kyo-Green products manufactured?

Our Kyo-Green Greens Blend is blended in Japan and packaged in the USA. The other Kyo-Green products, Harvest Blend and Sprouts Blend, are manufactured and packaged in the USA.

Featured Kyo-Green® Reviews

Easy to Drink!

Product: Greens Blend Powdered Drink Mix – Single Serve Packets

I find this product s very healthy beverage to drink and loved the taste as well! I recommend this product to anyone because it's so delicious and healthy to drink!

Dissolves So Well in Water

Product: Greens Blend Powdered Drink Mix – Single Serve Packets

This dissolved so well in water! It was super refreshing on a weirdly warm Autumn day. It gave me more of a boost than coffee so I really enjoyed it.…

Great Add-in for Smoothie

Product: Greens Blend Powdered Drink Mix – Single Serve Packets

I mixed the Kyo Green mix in my smoothie. You couldn't tell it was in there. It tasted great. And I didn't have to add fresh or frozen greens to…

Husband and I Love Drinking This

Product: Greens Blend Powdered Drink Mix – Single Serve Packets

Me and my husband love drinking this! Tastes great and super healthy!