Get Moving A good sweat session can ramp up your immune response by increasing the number of immune cells in the body.This helps the body efficiently detect and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. Exercise is so effective that researchers at Seattleā€™s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found women participating in an aerobics class five days a week cut their odds of catching a cold in half.Another study found that those engaged in moderate exercise had a 20 percent lower risk of an upper respiratory tract infection. But these benefits only come your way by adopting a consistent moderate exercise program. But when it comes to exercise and immunity, there can be too much of a good thing. It turns out that working out for more than 60 minutes per day at a high intensity can actually diminish immune function by excessively increasing adrenaline and cortisol levels.This can leave you more susceptible to illness and inflammation for up to 72 hours after your workout. So how much exercise do you need for optimal immunity? Thirty to sixty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise three to five times per week and two to three weekly resistance sessions can keep your immune system fit and ready for whatever comes its way. Laugh Often Recent studies show that a little laughter can help reverse the immune-damaging effects of stress hormones. Better yet, researchers at Indiana State University in Terre Haute have found that a good belly laugh boosts NK cell activity and increases overall immune function. To get these benefits, try to spend five or ten minutes every day looking for the funny side of life. Decompress Stress Incorporating relaxation into your daily life can help tame stress and strengthen your immunity. One of the most effective ways is with meditation. Meditation impacts the sympathetic nervous system and lowers plasma levels of both epinephrine and norepinephrine. Just be aware that meditation takes practice and patience, but its benefits are well worth the effort. If that is too challenging, simply practice deep breathing a few minutes each day. Both practices can reset the stress thermostat. 10 BALANCE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM