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Kids Probiotic

Promotes Regularity and Immune Health*

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60 Chewable Tablets
Kyo-Dophilus® Kids Probiotic

Promotes Regularity and Immune Health*

Kyo-Dophilus Kids Probiotic is safe, easy to take and great tasting. The three biocompatible human strains in Kids Probiotic, The Friendly Trio®, have been the subject of clinical studies that documented the efficacy of these strains to support healthy GI function.*

Taken daily, Kids Probiotics can help replenish the good bacteria in the microbiome to protect kids from the effects of harmful bacteria.* A healthy digestive system can also provide a strong foundation for immune health.* Keeping your kids healthy can help keep the whole family feeling good!

The Kids Probiotic for Your Family

  • To maintain bowel regularity*
  • Relieve occasional digestive discomfort.*
  • Promote healthy immune function.*

†† The probiotic strains in this product have been identity-verified using DNA sequencing
1 Billion CFU
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Sodium Free
No Artificial Color

Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics are formulated to support healthy digestive and immune systems.* Our probiotics deliver efficacy, quality and extended live cell viability, without refrigeration.

The Friendly Trio®

The Friendly Trio® is the core of our formulations. The Friendly Trio® is a clinically studied proprietary blend of human strain Lactobacillus gasseri KS-13, Bifidobacterium bifidum G9-1, and Bifidobacterium longum

  • L. gasseri has been shown to support your body’s GI function and immune health.*
  • B. bifidum may regulate healthy gut flora and enhance immunity by reducing inflammation.*
  • B. longum is known to normalize bowel movements.*


Chew one tablet with a meal daily. For children under 4 and infants, crush and mix 1/2 tablet in food or juice.

The product packaging you receive may contain additional details or may differ from what is shown on our website.  Please refer to the information included with your product, do not rely solely on the the details shown on this page.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Kids Probiotic Reviews

Seems to Nip My Children’s Colds in the Bud


I gave this to my kids any time they started sniffling. It seemed to nip it in the bud every time. Since this was the only thing I added to…

Robust Data Behind This Product


I looked closely at the data behind this product and it is quite robust and published in reputable journals. My experience of use of the product has been excellent. Improved…

My Son Loves the Packaging!


My son is on the autism spectrum and is very particular. He loved the packaging and so did I! He opened the package up himself and took the chewable without…

I Will Purchase Again


Wow a wonderful probiotics for children, I am impressed. I feel so good as parent giving my children this probiotic. I will purchase this again.

Kyo-Dophilus® FAQs

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Are probiotics safe for kids?

Check the product and its strains for specifics but generally speaking, yes! Probiotics are safe, effective and often recommended for children due to their role in supporting the immune system, addressing skin issues and easing digestive woes associated with antibiotic usage.


How many CFU do I need in my probiotics?

Typical dosages vary based on the product, but common dosages range from 1 to 10 billion CFUs per day for children and from 3 to 20 billion CFUs per day for adults.


What does the “CFU” number mean?

Most supplements are measured in milligrams. Probiotics, on the other hand, are measured in CFUs (Colony Forming Units). This refers to the amount of viable, live bacteria that are capable of dividing and forming colonies. CFU counts are generally stated in billions.


Do Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics need to be refrigerated?

Because of the unique and proprietary processing methods used in the manufacture of Kyo-Dophilus® Probiotics, the bacteria are stable at room temperature and therefore do not require refrigeration. Kyo-Dophilus selected bacteria strains are dormant and do not become active until they are introduced to moisture, as when consumed with a meal or liquid. Kyo-Dophilus guarantees that “at the time of expiry (or consumption),” you are getting the bacteria count (CFU) that is stated on the label.