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Moducare Immune Support

Daily Immune Support

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Moducare® Moducare Immune Support

Modulate & Balance Immune System


Moducare® is a patented blend of plant sterols and sterolins in a clinically proven ratio of 100:1 that works to restore, strengthen and balance your body’s immune system.*

When found in nature, plants never contain sterols exclusively; they are always associated with their glucoside sterolin. Research has shown that the blend of sterols and sterolins in a 100:1 ratio provides the best immuno-modulating activity. Both adults and children can benefit from these sterol and sterolins nutrients.

Take Moducare daily and adopt healthy lifestyle habits to keep your immune system strong and enjoy vibrant health.*

Gluten Free
Soy Free
Dairy Free
Sugar Free
Sodium Free

Immune system balance is the key to well-being. An underactive immune response can leave you more vulnerable to any bacteria or virus that you encounter. But continually overstimulating your immune system can also cause it to respond inappropriately. Autoimmune conditions can occur when your system mistakes healthy tissues for a harmful substance, causing the immune system to turn against your own body. There are plant nutrients available that when taken in the right amount will restore, strengthen and balance your immune system. Moducare is a patented blend of plant sterols and sterolins in a clinically proven ratio of 100:1.



Take one capsule 3 times daily, between meals (3 per day)

Caution: If you are pregnant, nursing, a diabetic, an organ transplant recipient or have multiple sclerosis, do not use unless on advice of and under direct supervision of a healthcare professional.

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Moducare Immune Support Reviews

Moducare Immune Support capsules

Joanne Benson

For the past 4 years I have regularly taken Kyolic's Moducare Immune Support product, as directed, 3 capsules per day. I am under the routine care of a rheumatologist for…

Moducare® FAQs

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Are there any cautions associated with taking Moducare?

If you are pregnant, nursing, a diabetic, an organ transplant recipient or have multiple sclerosis, do not use unless on the advice of and under the supervision of your healthcare practitioner. For organ transplant recipients, this includes recipients of foreign organs and tissues, including bone marrow and corneal transplants. Moducare can be taken for those with synthetic replacement or reconstruction (e.g., hip, knee, breast or pacemaker).


Is Moducare safe for children?

Yes, children have safely used Moducare in various regions of the world for many years. We recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner in cases where you are considering administering Moducare to children.


Do plant sterol esters used in ModuChol have a FDA-approved health claim?

Based on results from numerous clinical trials, a daily intake of at least 1.3 grams of plant sterol esters will achieve significant cholesterol reduction. One study saw cholesterol reduction of 8-15% in as little as four weeks. After examining this scientific research, the FDA issued a regulation allowing foods and supplements offering a daily dietary intake of 1.3 grams of plant sterol esters per day to make a cholesterol claim called a “health claim.” See 21 C.F.R. (Code of Federal Regulations) Section 101.83. Foods containing at least 0.65 g per serving of plant sterol esters, eaten twice a day with meals for a daily total intake of at least 1.3 g as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.


What is daily serving of Moducare?

For adults, take one capsule or tablet three times daily or two capsules or tablets upon rising and one capsule or tablet before bed. For best results, take with water or juice between meals, preferably 1 hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal.