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Introducing Kyolic Specialty Series

Physical and Mental wellness

for Men and Women

Kyolic has developed our Specialty Series formulas to offer a more natural solution to meet the specific, targeted health needs of men and women in different stages of life.

Natural Solutions For Cognitive Health

For our Cognitive Health series, we offer three natural solutions to support better brain function.

Brain Focus – A highly concentrated, pure Ginkgo Biloba Extract in a convenient one-per-day caplet to support circulation in the brain, cognitive function and aid in overall focus.*

Brain Memory – This proprietary, triple-extract herbal blend containing a combination of Aged Garlic Extract, Ginseng Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Extract was designed to support healthy brain function and memory.*

 NeuroLogic – Our exclusive cognitive function formula was designed by a Board Certified Neurologist. Aged Garlic Extract is included in a unique formula developed to have neuro-protective and neurotrophic effects to improve memory, learning and mental sharpness.*

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Kyolic Specialty Series

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New Look - Same Trusted Formulas! Kyolic Specialty Series has a new look but the same formulas that you love and depend on.

Designed for Women and for Men

Men and Women have unique health needs. These formulas were designed to support these specific conditions with herbs and nutrients that are safe and effective. There are no overnight wonder pills here but with time and consistent usage, many have found these formulas to be a great adjunct to their healthy lifestyle.

EstroLogic – We collaborated with a gynecologist and medical herbalist to create a patented, clinically tested formula that offers natural plant derivatives, rich in soybean isoflavones, which the body can use to maintain normal estrogen levels.*

ProstaLogic – Formulated by a Board Certified Urologist, this proprietary, plant based blend was designed to support healthy prostate function, naturally.*

Liver Support –  An advanced formula containing a combination of powerful herbs, antioxidants and clinically researched detoxifiers to help support and protect overall liver function.*

Lucky 7  – Designed for men, this formula is a powerful combination of natural, clinically researched herbs and nutrients that work with your body to stimulate vitality, virility and energy for optimal male performance.*

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