b'YourAction Plan for Optimal Gut HealthDieT SupplemenTSaction plan load up on fruits and veggies. A good-quality probiotic can help support Add at least a one half-cup serving tohealthy digestion while also offering benefits each meal to boost antioxidants, fiber,for immune health and more. Select a probiotic and prebiotics.based on your individual health needs.eat smaller meals.Eating five to To support overall health , consider six mini-meals throughout the day cantaking kyo-Dophilus Daily probiotic. For prevent digestive overload and theoptimal results, take after a meal.subsequent indigestion.Got kids?kyo-Dophilus kids probiotickeep a food journalif you suffercan help give them a healthy start. This from frequent gastrointestinal problems.vanilla-flavored chewable is also ideal for This can help you pinpoint specificthose who cant swallow capsules.dietary culprits causing your symptoms.if youre over 50 , try a targeted formula like kyo-Dophilus fifty+ probiotic lifeSTyle specifically designed to improve digestion and immunity in older adults.Take a 20-minute walkafter eating to optimize digestionwith a help stimulate digestion.combination of digestive enzymes andGet zen.Sign up for a yoga class or startprobiotics like those in kyo-Dophilus a meditation practice if you suffer fromenzyme+ probiotic. This unique chronic stress and IBS or IBD. combination of probiotics plus protease,Drink moderately.Too much alcohol canlactase, lipase, and amylase promotes inhibit the absorption of nutrients in the smallhealthy immune function, aids in nutrient intestine and increase the transport of toxinsdigestion, and relieves occasional across the intestinal wall. Limit yourself to nodigestive discomfort. more than one to two drinks per day.14the G o od Gut'