b'Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis are the best-knownadd enzymestypes of IBD and affect as many as one million Americans.A growing number of studies suggest that probioticsDigestive enzymes are can benefit both Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis inbiologically active proteins that several ways. Along with competing with bad bacteria forhelp you digest your food and real estate in the gut, probiotics stimulate the immuneabsorb nutrients. When you system and enhance the barrier function of the intestinalare young, your body creates walls. Recent studies also show that probiotics tame theall of the enzymes it needs for intestinal inflammation that can create future problems.healthy and complete digestion. Whats more, research has confirmed that the additionBut as you age, this production of beneficial bacteria can help suppress the H. pylori begins to slow down. Over time,bug that contributes to ulcers and other digestive problems. you can find yourself deficient in the critical enzymes needed The right ratio for good digestion. Fortunately, The majority of bacteria that lives in your body can besupplemental enzymes can found in the colonat least one billion per milliliter ofsupport the digestive process fluid. The small intestine, on the other hand, has onlyin the same way as those about 10,000 bacteria per milliliter of fluid. But its theproduced by your own body. ratio between the good bacteria and the harmful bacteriaThe three key digestive enzymes in both your small and large intestines that matters.are protease, which breaks Ideally, the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria shouldapart protein; lipase, which be 85 percent to 15 percent. But for most people, thatprocesses fat; and amylase, ratio is out of balance. which digests carbohydrates. When there is a proper balance of good to bad bacteria,Without these three enzymes, the intestinal lining remains strong. It is here, in theyour body wouldnt be able to intestinal lining, that the good bacteria compete withprocess that cheeseburger you disease-causing bacteria for food and space. When thehad for lunch. A fourth enzyme, good bacteria are overpowered, the harmful bacterialactase, is needed to digest the starve the good and steal their spot on the lining. This ismilk sugar in dairy products. when the intestinal lining becomes damaged. As a result,When choosing an enzyme the irritated and inflamed lining becomes permeable,supplement, look for a broad-allowing all kinds of substances to enter the bloodstreamspectrum digestive supplement that normally would not have gotten through.that contains a balanced blend of amylase, protease, pick the right probiotic and lipase. Unless otherwise When shopping for a probiotic supplement, many peoplenoted on the label, its best to believe that more is better. So they grab whatever producttake your enzymes with meals boasts the highest number. Product potency is typicallyor immediately after eating. labeled with the number of Colony Forming Units, orTaking digestive enzymes on an CFUs (viable cells). There is no recommended daily doseempty stomach causes them for probiotics, but research suggests aiming for one toto be rapidly absorbed into two billion live CFUs to maintain good health. If you arethe bloodstream before they taking antibiotics, have digestive problems, or suffer fromcan help digest the food you Candida or frequent urinary tract infections, you may wantare eating. the G o od Gut9'