14 gr e a t gr e e n s ! Supplements Fortify your energy levels and keep your pH in balance with a daily dose of green superfoods. My favorite way to do this is with Kyo-Green Greens Blend by Wakunaga of America. Packed with barley and wheat grasses, chlorella, kelp, brown rice, and FOS, it provides naturally sourced nutrients needed for optimal health in a great tasting, easy-to- use powder. Stay healthy all year long with comprehensive immune support like that found in Wakunaga’s Kyo-Green Harvest Blend Immune Defense. This powerhouse combination of immune-enhancing herbs, organic fruits and vegetables, spirulina, ancient grains, prebiotics, and grasses fosters a healthy immune response 365 days a year. Support healthy digestion with prebiotics and targeted plant-based nutrients. We like Kyo-Green Sprouts Blend for Digestion by Wakunaga of America because it includes an array of beneficial greens, easily digestible fiber, and a proprietary blend of sprouted organic grains, beans, and seeds for total gastrointestinal bliss. Healthy Habits Aim to get at least 30-45 minutes of moderate- intensity exercise most days of the week. But remember, the harder you train the more you deplete minerals that can lead to an acidic pH. Make sure you are alkalinizing your body to recover from exercise. Replace lost minerals and balance your pH with a multi-mineral supplement. On the road? Stock up on single-serve greens drink and superfood powders to keep you energized and travel-ready. Get enough rest and work at managing the stressors of daily living. Chronic stress raises cortisol levels which disrupts the acid-alkaline balance. Both of these habits will help you stay in balance. Diet Attempt to eat three vegetables for every fruit. In addition, strive to get 5-7 servings of vegetables in your diet per day. If that is too aggressive of a start, then incorporate at least one serving of vegetables into every meal of the day. Buy organic whenever possible. Try a new fruit or vegetable every time you visit your farmers’ market or natural market. Swap your morning cereal for a nutrient-dense smoothie that includes one serving of an antioxidant-rich powdered greens drink mix. Try to drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces of pure water daily. The more active you are and the more you sweat, the more you will need to drink. easy ways to Get Your Green On TipSheet!