gr e a t gr e e n s !   7 Preliminary research has found that supplementing with chlorella can increase the amount of cadmium and other heavy metals that are excreted by the body. A randomized clinical trial found that this superfood has remarkable liver-protective and detoxifying benefits for people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The study participants took either the popular diabetes drug metformin and vitamin E, or metformin and vitamin E combined with 1,200 mg of chlorella. Those who took the medications with the addition of algae experienced improvements in their diabetes markers, triglycerides, and abnormal liver enzymes. Spirulina: This blue-green microalgae is actually a type of bacteria called cyanobacterium. High in antioxidants, especially phycocyanin, spirulina has been shown to inhibit the production of inflammatory-signaling molecules. Spirulina is also rich in high-quality protein, B vitamins, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, and manganese. Not only does this make spirulina an alkaline food, it’s rich nutrient profile also gives this algae numerous health benefits. Research shows that spirulina supports healthy lipid levels, helps maintain blood sugar balance, benefits those with seasonal allergies, and improves muscle strength. A study at the University of South Florida Center of Excellence for Aging & Brain Repair has shown that spirulina can also help shield the brain from the oxidative damage that accumulates as one ages and may help reverse declines in learning and memory. Specifically, spirulina improves neuronal function, lowers inflammation in the brain, and reduces levels of chemicals linked to oxidative damage. Green Boosters Greens powders often contain a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. This can help supplement a healthy diet and provide you with an added source of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, and they are easy to add into a bottle of water or your morning smoothie. Look for a powdered greens drink mix that includes superfood additions like gut-loving beans and legumes; broccoli and broccoli sprouts; vitamin C- and carotenoid-rich carrot, tomato, spinach, and kale; anthocyanin-packed berries; and immune- supporting herbs like grape seed extract, olive leaf, and green tea. Often found in condition-specific green blends like those designed to support healthy digestion or immunity, these products are a great way to start the day on a healthy footing.