gr e a t gr e e n s !   9 CHAPTER THREE Greens for the Whole Family I t’s one thing to appreciate how great powdered greens drink mixes can make you feel. But convincing your family to share your enthusiasm may be a bit more challenging. It’s no secret that getting kids to eat their veggies can often be a tough sell. Greens drinks are a perfect vehicle for boosting their daily intake, especially for leafy greens and super- foods—something all kids could benefit from. Adding a spoonful of powdered greens drink mix into a delicious smoothie provides a concentrated source of nutrients to support grow- ing bones and bodies. Here are some tips to turn your family into a green-loving tribe. » Have your kids help pick out the ingredients from the grocery store or farmers’ market. Studies show that involving kids in the process of preparing their food helps them eat healthier. » Let your child pick out their very own fun cup and straw. Tell them it’s just for their super drinks—and stick to it. Make sure the cup has a non-spill lid. » Allow them to help. When possible, have kids wash the fruits and veggies or help in any way that they can. » Encourage your child to create fun names for their smoothies. This can give them a sense of ownership and makes drinking all that green goodness much more fun. » Focus on kid-friendly flavors. Begin with a smoothie that you know they’ll love. If you start with one they may not like, it will be very hard to get them to try another green smoothie. Adding spinach is great, because it’s the mildest tasting green. Additionally, adding some fruit like pineapple, mango, or peaches can add sweetness to a green smoothie. You can also start by adding small amounts (¼ teaspoon) of powdered greens drink mix. Increase the amount gradually over two or three weeks until their smoothie contains a full teaspoon. » Adding non-dairy milks like coconut or flax milk can increase the creaminess, and you can get creative with 100% cacao powder to give it a superfood chocolate flavor. Choosing the Right Powdered Greens Drink Mix Shopping for a high-quality powdered greens drink mix? With dozens of options on store shelves, finding the right one can be confusing. Here are some guidelines to ensure you’re getting a healthy dose of antioxidants and micronutrients from a product your family enjoys. What to look for At its core, a high-quality greens drink mix should contain antioxidant-rich barley grass and wheatgrass, chlorella and/or spirulina, kelp, and some prebiotic fiber. Healthy additions can include a variety of vegetables like broccoli, carrot, kale, spinach, and tomato, as well as an array of colorful berries.Targeted blends might also include herbs that provide whole-body benefits.Always search out a powdered greens drink mix with organic and naturally sourced ingredients. What to avoid Check the ingredient label to ensure your powdered greens drink mix does not contain artificial flavors and colors, high sugar content, chemical sweeteners, emulsifiers or thickeners, or GMO ingredients. And remember, no matter how much nutrition a product provides, it won’t do you or your family any good if no one will drink it! Search out a mild-tasting, non-gritty greens drink mix that dissolves quickly and completely.