b'7FOODSTO KEEP YOU HEALTHY 1. GarlicThis onion relative offers2. Green TeaJoin the majority of antioxidant flavonoids and sulfur-containingthe worlds people who sip tea all day, not just at compounds which combat oxidative stress andteatime. All teas offer health benefits, but green tea inflammation. Eating garlic helps the immunehas more polyphenolsantioxidants also found in system make more white blood cells and naturalvegetables, coffee and red wine. In a newly published killer cells, says Bob Sears, MD, coauthor of thesurvey, Japanese students who drank 15 cups daily Sears Parenting Library books. were considerably less likely to get the flu than those Get more: When you chop garlic, the cell walls break,who didnt drink tea. activating beneficial enzymes. Before heating, allowGet more: Fill a thermos with green tea and sip at chopped garlic to rest for five minutes. Mince andyour desk; mix with bubbly water and a bit of stevia add to salad dressings; pure with garbanzos, tahini,for soda. lemon juice and olive oil for hummus. Or try making sauted garlicky greens with lemon.3. TurmericThanks to its active ingredient curcumin, turmeric helps support healthy inflammation response and is a potent antioxidant, making it a great aging and immunity supportive ingredient Available as a tea, supplement or juice add-in, this yellow root delivers a peppery and tart punch to dishes from curries to rice pilaf.Get more: You can use turmeric in its powder form, but youd need to take large amounts (1 teaspoon or more three times a day) to reap medicinal benefits. Opt for capsules and liquid extracts to get an efficacious dose. Brought to you by & 11'