b'4. OatsAlong with apples and nuts, oats are5. YogurtProbiotics in yogurt have been a good source of soluble fiber, which preliminaryshown to reduce a colds duration and severity and research shows stimulates production of the anti- increase flu- vaccine effectiveness. More than 70 inflammatory protein interleukin-4, bolsteringpercent of our immune system resides in the gut, and immunity. Polysaccharides called beta-glucans, foundyogurts healthful bacterial strains balance the trillions in oats, barley, mushrooms and bakers yeast, alsoof microbes that populate your intestines. help immune cells fight bacteria and viruses. Get more: Choose low-sugar yogurts and kefirsGet more: Start your day with rolled or steel-cut oatsyou can even make your own. Stir a bit of jam or with chopped apples and nuts; add oats to bakedhoney into plain yogurt; add kefir to smoothies; goods. And try this recipe for Oat and Fig Squares. substitute plain Greek yogurt for sour cream on tacos or in dips. A breakfast banana split is a fun way to start the day with yogurt.6. KimchiThis traditional Korean dish is7. CitrusLemons, limes and oranges are comprised of pickled vegetables such as cabbagepacked with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and radishes. Thanks to lactobacilli and othercompounds that support immunity, and vitamin C in beneficial bacteria, kimchi may help boost intestinalcitrus may reduce the duration of the common cold. Of health. Add it to dishes like salads, noodles and eggsall citrus, the orange familywhich includes mandarins, for a delicious, immunity-boosting meal. clementines, satsumas, tangelos, minneolas and Get more: With the increase of pesticide residueugli fruitdelivers the highest levels of vitamin C per in our food, probiotics are becoming even moreserving, and of oranges, the naval variety has the most.important. In a 2009 study conducted by KoreasGet more: In addition to citrus immunity boost, the Gyeonsang National University, an insecticide,peel and pith, the white layer just beneath the peel, chlorpyrifos, was used while making kimchi andare known for their anti-cancer properties. Add citrus after 9 days, the insecticide completely degradedzest (grated peel) and even shredded pith to recipes and was inactive. in small amounts whenever you can.Brought to you by & 12'