b'Supplement ForIMMUNITY O nce you have an immunity-supportiveAs the days get shorter and cooler and the annual lifestyle down, its time to start thinkingcold and flu season creeps in on us, this extra level about what you put in your body.of protection is even more important. Experts say Supplements play a crucial role in staying well. supplements are a sort of insurance policy, and Studies show some directly affect how the immunelike any insurance, not a good idea to be without. system mounts its defense against invaders. In theThese supplement picks are evidence-based process, they also help reduce inflammation andand they work. (Bonus: Some also help when boost overall health for the long-term. symptoms do strike.)7 2. Aged Garlic ExtractBESTIMMUNITY SUPPLEMENTS How it works: With ample evidence for supporting healthy blood pressure levels and a strong heart, it reduces accumulation of plaque in the arteries, aged garlic also has a hefty resume for immunity. Odorless and aged to strengthen its immune-boosting properties, this supplement is proven to support killer cell function and reduce the symptoms and duration of colds and flu. Researchers suspect this happens in combination with supporting healthy inflammation response. How much to take: 1,200 mg daily (Studies use up to 2.56 grams daily.) 1. Probiotics How it works: Not long ago, probiotics were just a distant thought and now many integrative physicians recommend probiotics daily. Why the shift? Solid data suggests microbes may play a causal role in a large number of ailmentsand restoring the proper balance of these microbes is being shown to help with colds and flus, mental health and most recently biggies like diabetes and heart disease. Probiotics reduce3. Elderberry Extract the duration of cold and flu symptoms and increaseHow it works: Antioxidant-rich elderberry has strong overall immune activity, and a recent study on olderantiviral properties. Consuming the plants extract adults finds that certain strains alter the immunemay alleviate both the symptoms and duration of colds cell profile to more closely resemble those found inand flu, including fever. According to The Journal of healthy, younger populations. Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 90 percent How much to take: Dosage varies based on strain.of the people in a 40-person study experienced a complete cure within two to three days.How much to take: Adults can take 1 to 2 teaspoons of the extract twice daily for prevention; increase your dose to four times per day if you start feeling sick.Brought to you by & 8'