b'Sleep is particularly important to immunity because during this nightly downtime the body is devoted to detox, repair and healing. Part of stress reduction is also getting adequateThe most important thing is that you get moving, sleep. Sleep is particularly important to immunitywhether that means walking, biking, dancing, because during this nightly downtime the bodygardening or taking a class such as tai chi. Yoga, is devoted to detox, repair and healing. In fact,with its inversions that help lymph travel from research shows that people who sleep less thanthe extremities, may be an especially effective seven hours a night are nearly three times moreimmune-system booster. Studies have found that likely to get sick after being exposed to the coldbreast cancer patients enrolled in a yoga program virus than those who sleep eight hours or more had healthier natural killer-cell counts after chemotherapy, which typically decimates immune Sweat ItOUTcells such as natural killer cells in addition to theExercise is another great stress busterandcancer cells, than did a control group.all kinds of movement, including stretching,Remember, over-exercising can be too much of a breathing, strengthening and working yourgood thing. Prolonged and intense training, such cardiovascular system, are crucial to healthyas running marathons, is taxing to many parts of immune function because physical activitythe body, including the immune system. Immunity stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid. Thecan be impaired for several days after strenuous lymphatic system is a series of vessels andexercise. Aim for consistency and just the right glands that transports immune cells and collectsamount of intensity for your body.waste products throughout the body. Because the lymphatic system has no pump (as the circulatory system has the heart), it relies on muscular contractions to keep things flowing. Research shows you need at least 150 minutes of exercise per week to maintain health, says Kris Somol, ND, an adjunct faculty member at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle.Brought to you by & 7'