b'Equally important, when taken daily, probiotics support the bodys physiology and impart a positive influence on health, says Gerard E. Mullin, MD, author of The Gut Balance Revolution (Rodale, 2015). Thousands of studies show that probiotics provide harmony and balance to the guts immune system to improve inflammatory, allergic and autoimmune conditions. In particular, research shows probiotics reduce duration of flu symptoms and have positive effects on everything from mental health and weight management to allergies and IBS.Not all recommended probiotics are sold individually, so you might have to opt for a multiprobiotic supplement that includes the ones you want. Follow label directions for use, but always take probiotics immediately after a meal to buffer the bacteria-killing acid of the stomach. Probiotics are identified by their genus, species and strain, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus(genus)(species) LaVK2 (strain). Within each species, there are many different strains, which may have different benefits. Probiotic quantities are measured in colony forming units (CFUs).Probiotics can originate and be cultured from different sources, including plants, dairy and humans. Emerging research on probiotics made from human strains is showing promise in better colonization of the gut, survival against the sometimes harsh conditions there (such as bile salts) and reduction of intestinal inflammation.About Our SponsorWAKUNAGA OF AMERICA Our family helping you take care of yours.Manji Wakunaga and Dr. Eugene Schnell embarked on a journey in 1955 to support peoples health by developing and manufacturing herbal dietary supplements. Using a scientific approach centered on research, our products have been clinically studied and proven over the course of decades.More than 750 research papers have been published demonstrating the safety and efficacy of our Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract supplements and our Kyo-Dophilus probiotics. We have a library of research backing-up our products and continue to invest in clinical studies every year.A family-owned business; we research, develop and make products in our certified, state-of-the-art Southern California facilities using the highest quality ingredients. Our supplements support health needs like: cardiovascular, digestion, immune, blood pressure, blood sugar, liver support, and many more. We offer products that comply with a variety of dietary preferences: vegetarian, vegan, organic content, non-GMO, dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free. Whether you are in search of dietary supplements for you or your loved ones; look to Wakunaga as a name you can trust.From our family to yours: Be Well!Brought to you by & 5'