b'4. Zinc How it works: A recent review of studies looking at vitamins and minerals for colds and flu treatment showed that taking 70 mg of zinc helped improve health if taken within 24 hours of the onset of symptomswhich is why this mineral is a key ingredient in many throat lozenges. Another study found that the mineral reduced the duration and severity of colds.How much to take: 4.5 to 23.7 mg zinc lozenge taken every half hour. Warning: Excessive zinc can depress the immune system, so dont exceed the recommended dose of 70 mg daily.5. Vitamin C How it works: Although vitamin C may not reduce your chances of contracting a cold or flu, research indicates it can reduce an infections symptoms and length. In general, antioxidants help your body resist illness because they protect cells against harmful free radicals and oxidative stress.How much to take: Aim for 2,0006,000 mg of C daily in divided doses; reduce dose if digestive upset results. If you have a sensitive tummy, opt for the gentler Ester-C form.6. Vitamin D7. Curcumin How it works: Researchers believe wintertimeHow it works: A supplement star for fighting pain, susceptibility to the flu and colds may be relatedchronic inflammation and joint health and the key to less sunlight exposure and lower vitamin Dantioxidant in the herb turmeric, curcumin is now production. Studies have found that people with lowbeing found to promote gut health and support a levels of vitamin D miss significantly more days ofhealthy immune system. One pathway is its ability work due to respiratory illnesses and are more likelyto raise levels of a protein called cathelicidin to have recent respiratory infections. Conversely,antimicrobial peptide, or CAMP, that helps prevent Vitamin D regulates several germ- fighting immuneinfection by fighting off unfamiliar bacteria, factors, and recent studies show supplementing withviruses and fungi. Research shows that combining D can cut the risk of contracting the flu. curcumin with phosphatidylcholine increases its bioavailability by more than 20 times.How much to take: 2,000 IU daily during fall andHow much to take: Take 400 to 600 mg of winter, or up to 4,000 IU if recommended by yourcurcumin with each meal. health care provider after blood testing.Brought to you by & 9'